Custom Trees Plea

I'd like to request that custom trees be made available again. I understand the reasons why they were reverted to vanilla trees... because the custom trees are difficult to harvest and they are too tall for the tree feller thing. So I'm requesting that they either be returned on an occasional basis (on a designated day of the month) or by special programming. Would it be possible to have both available to players by having the player use bone meal on a planted sapling to grow it normally, or use red stone (or some other substance) on a planted sapling to have it grow as a custom tree?

Thank you for considering this request. I really miss being able to grow the custom trees and I'm getting tired of constantly rebuilding the ones that people chop the bottoms out of near my claim.


New Member
Yeah I'd love to see custom trees as well. They do wonders for making your land look pretty, and they yeild more wood.