Custom Repair Bug

I went to repair my custom axe, fortune V on an anvil, as usual, it goes off my hand and floats... but, when it left my hand, a stack of watermelons filled the gap, with my inv full, I thought "Oh, it will fall on the ground" so I did the repair thing... It disappeared.
I'm sorta desperate, due to that being my melon axe, and atm I cant generate money... I would like to ask for a reveiw of the developers on that bug, and If possible, for me to get my axe back.

Ty for your attention.
Okay so you were standing and repairing your melon axe with inv full and there are some melons floating on the ground until you repair your axe and one of these stacks of melons goes into your inventory? Ain't really a bug, more you making a mistake with inv full, for example, you don't vote with an inv full either because you won't get your vote key if you do, though I'll redirect issue to higher Staff to let them decide.


Staff member
I'll add in another check to see if a players inventory is full before giving the item back. Next time you are online message me and I'll hop on and give you the axe back.