Custom raiding

The raids work by two players with a beacon in the claim with buyable monsters fight to break a beacon. city's will have full war with a side affect of increased taxes for 3 days (standard 15% tax increase after war)when you lose a raid 10.2231% of your cash is lost you can round it up in order to start a raid the player raided needs 200 cash minimum in order to unlock this function you need a beacon on a raid able claim what makes is raid able is if you can reach their beacon entry protection will make it so that it activates a gui confirm of raid with classic yes or no answer if only one player is on and you get raided the monsters DMG multiplies by 1.5 and hp multiplies by 3 strong monsters like iron golems will build slowly and can be broken like regenerator regenerates but can never permanently be destroyed (photos in show final stage of building iron golem) maps different for all forms.