Confusion with Auto-things

I found a video for an extremely fast cobble generator and wanted to build it at my base. I'm still confused about the auto-machine rules, and was wondering if this was allowed. Here's a link to the video:
PandaBush, is it fully automatic and does it use redstone for the automation? If so then it is not allowed. Something like water pushing mobs into lava is allowed since there isnt redstone that is automating the process and constantly running. Also, TNT does not work above sea level or in claims unless disabled so this most likely would not function properly.
psst the cobble is pushed by a clocked piston furthermore it isn't allowed Butttt you you could use observers to make automated things sorry for being a bit late. Its allowed since it only works when its rendered in and as long as it isn't constant for example watermelon farms (its allowed) on a small scale its allowed
Observers do not follow the manual input requirement. A button, pressure plate, lever, or some other kind of manual input is required to initiate the redstone.


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In addition, that farm is using a tnt duplicator, which is a "bug" and the bug use is not allowed :/. It is using a redstone clock - observers = Automatic