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1- In-Game name of player being Reported:Xtremechaser
2- Reason for Report (Bug Abuse, Hacks etc.): threating to hunt me down IRL
3- Date of the reported player's actions took place: 08/04/2018 21:14
4- Proof (pictures, videos etc.):Attacking chat log
5- Explanation:
I was kidding around and say sentences with words that started with same letter. Then sweety(sweet_g) got annoyed and i continued,then Xtremechaser got annoyed and then threatned me to hunt me down IRL.
If it was staff, telling me in PM i would have, but if its just 1-2 players of 100, its like nothing. Well i stopped eventually. But sweety started to do somewhat the same, at 22:16:32 . Sooo Telling one to stop jokeing around then she start herself some hours later.


Not open for further replies.