[Closed] Misunderstanding Re-appeal

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1. Tammerlane
2- Darkfire
3- 5/12/2018
4- Optifine for Shaders and dynamic lights.
5- It was said that I used x-ray.
6- It was thought the x-ray rule was broken.
7- No pics. Never thought id need pictures or film.
8- I don't know if there was a button to agree to rules, but i have read them.
9- I understand newer appeal replace older ones.
10- I mine in strategically random patterns, strategic being not to get lost and not planned. Alot of people mine in rows and others clear chunks. I mine in random directions. Since this is a re-appeal, I'm going to go over things in more detail. The staff reviewing the old appeal could have at least asked more questions and the staff who denied my appeal was the one who banned me which isn't exactly fair or just. Anyway, I mine in random directions at diamond level. Up, down, left, right. I count blocks to keep spacial awareness and die at times due to lava, or burning to death from lava. I don't place torches die to dynamic lights so that I don't waste resources, and I take advantage of my left arm place for this. I also use subtitles as a way to protect myself. Subtitles help me know sounds I can't hear, and is under the sound option in the menu. I can see sounds like "lava crackling" and "minecart rolling". I become more cautious around these sounds, and I try to avoid locations where this sound is loudest.

In regards to my re-appeal, ask me anything. Most appeals on x-raying have people deny it and be denied and others appologize and get accepted. I'm not going to lie to get this accepted, nor appologize for something I didn't do. I guess if I rejoin the server, if the embarrassment of being falsly accused and information put out there for everyone to see doesn't make me quit, I guess I'll quarry or mine in straight lines. Anyway, feel free to ask me questions, and I request that Darkfire, the one that banned me, is not to be the one to check my re-appeal. This is because he is the Complaintant and I'm the Defendant. Thank you. Feel free to ask questions via here or discord.
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Well, your appeal has been already denied so we cant do anything for you. We cant show you the video but I have seen it and In my opinion you were x-raying
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