[Closed] I got banned for my skin

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I got banned without warning i changed my skin and i should be unbanned i would have done changed my skin if a mod said so but i got banned with no warning my in game name is captain cwassont. my ban extended to a permaban instead of a six day. My friends online were talking to a mod to unban me because of this unjustified reason and maybe that did it. But if that is the case it is very unprofessional and that mod is not very good
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Please make another appeal with the template.
As for the situation, you were contacted in game asking to change your skin, but you did not respond. Because of that you were banned until you have changed your skin and made an appeal WITH the template.

The mod acted as per instructions, and did their job correctly. For future reference, making comments like these about staff will not help positively on your appeal.
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