Chest Shops

I wanted to recommend adding Chest Shops as another way for players to buy and sell items. Mainly normal MC items. I see very little actual trade of normal items in the /warp market, most revolve around custom items.

Biggest part advantage of Chest Shops is the ability to buy and sell using a single chest.
This will allow Cities to create local markets that players can buy and sell to. This also creates and appeal to visit cities to visit their marketplaces.

I know the biggest disadvantage in my opinion of the current shops and market plugins is the inability to buy stuff from other players using your own shop. Tshops only allows you to sell items to others, not buy it from them.

For Example: Auctions only allow you to sell your items. But you cannot place a buy order that will buy items on auctions if they show up. So if you need a chest of quartz, you have to hunt down someone who already has some in a shop or spam chat looking for someone to sell some. Same thing if you are using tshops.

With Chestshops, you can make 1 chest for quartz that allows you to buy quartz from players, and anyone who sees the chest can sell you quartz. Or if you just want to be a merchant, and just buy and then resell the quartz, you can do that too.

I don't know if it conflicts with the current shops plugins or not, or if you can use it with the custom items or not.

If it doesn't conflict with the current plugins, simply adding it in, will allow players a greater opportunity to buy and sell items. Increasing the flow of items and money throughout the server.
We could use chest shops for normal MC items and tshops for the custom items.

Please don't shoot it down just because it is something new and different from what you are used to.