Build Competition! Win Mythic Keys!


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Ok guys, so you may have seen me alluding to this competition, and it's finally here!

Entry is Free!

The Prizes:
1st Place:
- Chance to try out as builder
- Statue of your choice on the pedestal at spawn (Within Reason)
- 2 Mythic Keys
- 1 Uncommon Key
2nd Place:
- Chance to try out as builder
- 2 Rare Keys
3rd Place:
- 1 Rare Key


The guidelines are simple. I have a server set up, where the Contest will be hosted. On there, you will use any resource you can to make the build as awesome as possible while fulfilling the requirements. If you are caught trying to cheat by stealing other people's builds, you will be immediately disqualified, and there will be repercussions. This includes using schematica.

Server Info:

IP: Mc 1.12.2


1. Log into the server, ip above.
2. Do /plot auto to get a plot
3. Build away and have fun!
4. When you are done do /requestupgrade to submit your plot for me to review when I check the submissions.

Steampunk (Any build in this theme, some ideas are: Ships, Factories, and Mines. They usually involve gears, pipes, steam, or electricity)

Plot size - 100 x 100 to be filled as best as you can

Must Show three categories of building to the best of your ability (Organic, Terrain, Structure):

- Organic: Statues, Trees, Etc...
- Terrain: Land Structure
- Structure: Buildings, Ships, Anything man-made

*NOTE: You don't have to be amazing at all three! Each will be taken into consideration individually*

You can use Worldedit and Voxelsniper and any other plugins to all the access you've been granted on the server. Everyone has the same access.

Otherwise, there are no other requirements, so have at it!

All builds must be submitted before 8:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time, US & Canada) Sunday, February 18. At this point they will be reviewed and the winner will be announced by Monday morning depending on how many people submit!

Good luck and have fun!


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The results are in!
I will be contacting all three winners about possible recruitment. Also, there are a few others whom I am scouting and may or may not be in touch with in the coming days, so keep an eye out!

1st: Exsophud
2nd: Skywoody

3rd: Aquasalis

For your prizes, Contact me when you are available and I will get them to you asap. Otherwise I'm looking forward to talking with you soon.