Ban Appeal -GhostCat85


New Member
Minecraft Teldaria Server:
1- Site your IGN: Lilith_Katz (my old name was GhostCat85)
2- Who Banned you: Kirka
3- Ban Date: 2018-03-09
4- Client Version & Mods Installed: 1.12.2-forge 1.12.2- - forge late and only mod is JEI (because crafting recipes arent easy to remember) Forge is only used for optifine to have better and smoother game
5- Reason for the ban: Staff harassment/ban evading/toxic
6- What Rule did you break?: No Harassing Other Members ,Ban Evading is Not Allowed(even tho i havent) ,No Starting Drama In Any Way
7- Do you have any evidence (Pictures / Videos) that you can use to support your appeal: No, None at all
8- I Have Read and Agreed To All Of The Rules?: Yes
9- Do you understand that if you make another Appeal while one is still pending that the older one(s) will be removed? (Y/N): Yes
10- Appeal to Plead your Case / Explanation: i gave up minecraft and discord for a time and now during school i'm just having times i need place to play and not involve myself with anyone and just play alone. I dont want any old or other dramas to occure so i'm avoiding them and If I recall I had some disagreements with serveral people in the server.which i may have caused issues.but after overthinking on the things i've done.i now understanding from peoples perspective that i was being rude and that i want to be able to show people that im a different person than i was before. Hope we can come to agreement its been long enough.