August Update

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Server Updates:
  • All of our mobs have been optimized and tweaked to be more efficient.
  • PvP Arena added at /warp pvp.
  • We've done away with Auction House and implemented a better system.
  • Fixed issues with jobs.
  • Fixed some monsters not giving level exp.
  • Fixed City Spawn, now works globally.
  • Fixed random invincible mob spawning.
  • Added the ability to trade safely with /trade.
  • Removed Harpies, you're welcome!
Upcoming Features:
  • Pandemic dungeon, this Fatal+ tier level dungeon will test the strength of all adventurers.
  • City NPC at spawn, where new players can apply to join your city!
  • Bounty Hunter, place bounties on a player.
  • City Wars, this is a feature we're really enjoying developing.
  • We've overhauled our store and our website.
  • Prof_Oak promoted to Manager, welcome to the team!
yooo seriously.... o_O what is this!!? a Triple A Titel? 1 update after another?
props to the devs. for working their ass off :thumbup: ;)
Patchday 26th august


- PvP enabled in the overworld
- added new advanced healthbars
- saved mob skins localy (no more pulling it from mojang servers)
- raised spawn rate (hopefully)
- fixed villagers, animals... are ignitable in claims
- denied access to barrels that are in a foreign claim
- Worms can now be attacked in claims
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