[Accepted]the_missing_guys ban appeal

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1 the_missing_guy
2 kirka
3 2018 08 03
4 1.12.2 no mods
5 x ray
6 no xray
7 i was using xray but i will not if unbanned
8 i have read the rules and agree to not break them again
9 yes
10 i was using xray for no reason other than to try it. i was profiting off it so i would like my balance cleared if i get unbanned. i made 20k from it and would happly have my balance cleared and my miner job reset if unbanned. i had alot of fun on this server i would like my progress not to go to waste. ive been nothing but friendly aswell.
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Your appeal has been accepted and you've been unbanned from the server. I suggest you take another look at the rules set for Teldaria to ensure you don't break any others. If you're caught using cheats/xray again you will be permanently banned. Enjoy the server.
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