[Accepted] SUPER_FIRE_CAT's Ban Appeal

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1. Site your IGN: SUPER_FIRE_CAT

2. Who Banned you: 13LG_DarkFire

3. Ban Date: 2018-04-03

4. Client Version & Mods Installed: 1.12.2

5. Reason for the ban: X-ray

6. What Rule did you break?: " - This includes, but is not limited to, "X-RAY MODS", maps that allow teleportation, and cave mapping."

7. Do you have any evidence (Pictures / Videos) that you can use to support your appeal: No, I dont have evidence but i did use X-ray and I'm sorry.

8. I have Read and Agreed To all of the rules?: Yes

9. Do you understand that if you make another Appeal while one is still pending that the older one(s) will be removed? (Y/N): Yes

10. Appeal to Plead your Case / Explanation: Yes, i did break a rule and i got perm Banned. I just dont like searching in caves and i made a poor choice of adding X-ray. I wish i never had such hack, because i got banned from a fun server. If you guys give me another chance I will not use X-ray or any other unfair advantages to other players. The server is fun and very creative to play on because of the texture pack and the land. If I do Hack once again you can perm Ban me for life, but that would not happen cause I will never use hacks again.
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