[Accepted] I was banned for a hack I didn't even use. Help!

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My IGN is xxxSelim.
Foxxify banned me.
1.12.2 bbepc shaders
I didn't break a rule to deserve this ban
I don't have any evidence
I've read through all of the server rules when I joined and I agreed to all of them

I got suspended for trolling one of my discord buds, which I now KNOW was wrong and I'm deeply sorry for that. It'll never happen again I love the server to much to do that again.
Shortly after the suspension, I then got permanently banned for flying? I never flew. Please mods look over this, I never cheat let alone on this amazing server with even more amazing people! I just want a second chance, that's all I'm asking for. Please give me this second chance to experience the best server/community on Minecraft.


Not open for further replies.