[Accepted] Could you please lift my ban from discord.

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1) Tammerlane#2725
2) I'm not sure what date, but I am guessing around January?
3) I was a bit, how would I say it, out of my mind. I was posting random things about making a new server and being a bit too rebellious, and even claimed to have found a better server.
4) Well for starters, this was around the time of the Wolfi drama scene. I saw both sides and what they were going through, and a bit mad about trees, but what set me off was how Redrum and Venom were getting bullied from Musical and others, I guess I was upset that everyone I had just met was fighting, and I didn't want to take a side. Yea, Wolfi was wrong for being... weird and inappropriate to Musical and others, but it wasn't Red's or Venom's fault. And I guess that angered me. I also didn't want to confront the issue, so I blamed sky block and the server's items and ranks and other features. So I do apologize for my actions, and I am admitting to what I did and that I am not making excuses to deny that the deed was done. All I am asking is for a 2nd Chance.

PS, I have no idea how to return to the discord if my ban is lifted.... It disappeared.


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I have unbanned you from the discord. If drama further ensues, there will be no appeal chance in the future. On the main Teldaria.com webpage, there is a link to send you to the discord in the upper right.
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