[Accepted] Banned For Pickaxe Name - fainthearted Ban Appeal

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1- Site your IGN: fainthearted
2- Who Banned you: alphachino1414
3- Ban Date: 3/30/2018
4- Client Version & Mods Installed: Optifine
5- Reason for the ban: I named my pickaxe: and got a pm from alphachino1414 stating not to self-promote and so I renamed my pickaxe: DONT FOLLOW and got perm banned.
6- What Rule did you break?: Self-Promotion
7- Do you have any evidence (Pictures / Videos) that you can use to support your appeal: None
8- I Have Read and Agreed To All Of The Rules?: I'm being honest, I hadn't read the rules yet. But I do agree to them now since reading them.
9- Do you understand that if you make another Appeal while one is still pending that the older one(s) will be removed? (Y/N): Yes
10- Appeal to Plead your Case / Explanation: Like I said before, I self promoted my twitter and was told not to, so i renamed it to not follow my twitter and got perm banned. I fully understand what I did wrong, but I just want to play on Teldaria because I used to play it a lot (Maybe about 5 months ago) and quit to focus on grades and forgot the server I.P and just recently found the Discord and found out the I.P. I just restarted playing about a week or 2 ago. And I have been playing it all day now. I just finished my Spider grinder and really want to keep playing. I'm truly sorry for what I did and please consider unbanning me.

Sincerely, fainthearted
Not open for further replies.