A Proposition for a S1 event.


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Hi! For those who don't know me I'm Vextry (IGN kukaua)

I've been really interested in this server for a week or two and recently I've been working on a bit of a, player event. Something to make this season of S1 worth while.
Said event, I don't want to give too many details about it. But it's a sort of scavenger hunt/puzzle style event. Those that are able to complete it and figure out the clues reap the rewards.

What I'd like for this event:
1. Confirmation from the staff that this would be a good idea/worth the effort I want to put into it.
2. Assistance in running said event.

What I need from the staff are as following:
(Note most of these aren't necessarily 100% needed, but it'd make the experience of the event feel more immersive and fun.)

1. Help creating items/clues.
This one's simple. The items that I'll be using to act as tools, It'd be nice to be able to use/ be able to write in the lore tab of said item. So I won't have to make multiple items and rename their titles.

2. Possibly creating 2-3 dungeons.
I don't know how easy/hard it is to create a "dungeon"or force custom mob spawns. But being able to turn some of the areas I'm working on into areas where specific custom mobs could spawn would be greatly appreciated. Could I just use mob spawners and rely on automatic custom mob spawns based on the player's level? Yes. Would that make it easy for certain players to steam roll the area and not be challenging in anyway for them, thus shortening the time length of the event? Yes. I have no problem with designing the areas myself, in survival. It'd be nice to do them in creative but that doesn't matter very much. What I'm asking for is the ability to force or manually trigger custom mob spawns.

3. Assist in rewards.
I could spend hours upon hours of grinding, fishing, and buying/selling to come up with antiquate rewards for some end game players. But that'd most likely throw this event into the end of winter.
I am not asking the staff to give me a bunch of overpowered items. But if they could provide rewards for those who completed the event, it would be greatly appreciated.

Why am I doing this?
Well, mainly because (I don't know the full history of the server) I've never seen anything done like this before.
I just want to provide players with an interesting quest, that'll require them to work together, and solve the puzzles to receive some amazing loot.

I can provide details of the event in dms, don't want to spoil the surpise ;)
I prefer talking through Discord, my username is Vextry#0563 and I'm on the official Discord sever.
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