2018 Halloween Build Event Rules

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Hello and Welcome!
As many of you may know, our 2018 Halloween build event is a go as of now! This thread is to provide the rules and answer any questions you may have. If any of your questions remain unanswered, feel free to send me a message on here or on our server discord and I will get those questions answered for you! :)

Theme: The theme of the event is anything Halloween related. So get those imaginations going!

Our prizes are going to be as followed:
1st Place
- $50 Store Credit
2nd Place
-$30 Store Credit
3rd Place
-$15 Store Credit

Basic Chat Rules:
The chat rules are going to be the same as they are on the Teldaria Server. All rules that are in place will be followed the same as always. The MAIN chat rules that participants should be aware of are going to be pulled straight from the rules list on the forums and will be posted below. Although some rules may not be listed here on this thread, all of the chat rules will still be in place.

-Do Not Impersonate Staff
-Be Respectful to Both Staff Members and Players (Participants in this case as it is an event.)
-No Political, Theoretical, Ideological, Racial, or Religious Talk, Including Sexist or Derogatory Remarks
-No Spamming, Double Posting, Posting in All Caps, or Flooding Chat

Rules Regarding Builds Themselves:
-Any builds from Haunted Houses, Spooky Forests, and even builds such as a huge Jack O' Lantern or a Spider are great ideas of getting started. Take simple ideas like these and spin them into your own creativity!
-Any Inappropriate Builds will be removed and result in a disqualification.
-Builds not pertaining to the theme will not be taken into judging.
-Any builds that are stolen from the internet (Grab Craft, Google Images, etc.) or another player will be disqualified and will result in consequences.

Cheating in ANY form will not be tolerated. This does include using Schematica, Grab Craft, Google Images, etc. If you are found to be cheating, you will be disqualified and consequences will follow like stated above.

Rules For Choosing A Plot:
- DO NOT choose a plot that is far away from the spawn point. If you do choose one that is far away it will NOT be considered in the judging. I cannot stress this enough, so please choose plots next to each other. The judging team is excited to see the amazing builds you guys will create, so keep those plots close to the spawn point!

Information On How To Enter:
-You will need to be on Minecraft version 1.12.2 and the build event will be hosted on the server: mc.innova.host
1.) Join mc.innova.host

2.) Upon entering the server, stand in a plot that is not chosen and type the command: /plot claim to receive your building area after reading the Notice Board.
3.) Start Building and Have Fun!

Builds need to be FINISHED by 1pm on October 20th, 2018. After that, the builds will be put into judging and winners will be announced that following Monday (October 22nd) depending on how many people participated. You will have ONE week to complete those builds!

I, along with the Event Team, wish you all the best of luck and Happy Building! :D
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