1. Prof_Oak

    Feedback needed! Large update coming!

    We're planning on releasing a large update this month and would like some feedback on certain aspects of it. We put together a poll to get your opinion. It doesn't go into every aspect of the update, we'll make a post next week to go over the update in full. Please take the time to fill it out...
  2. TheGamingLizard_

    Suggestion: Races

    I have a suggestion I think you guys might like. You should add races. And each race has a different pro and con. Races like Human, Elf, Orc, etc. Please add I will really enjoy this!;)
  3. R

    [Fixed] NOT WHITELISTED/CANNOT CONNECT (Please do not click, this has been solved.)

    Ingame name - RainbowPisanos When - Around 3:50 PM PST because that's where i am right now Where - Not on the server yet, minecraft multiplayer menu Command - N/A Item - nope Mob - nada, zip, zilch, 0 Description - When the new world closed and someone said somethin about 30 minutes, i...
  4. E

    General Suggestions

    Because I love this server, here are some suggestions to make the server a bit better. Custom Terrain Maybe a custom wasteland/desert, or a immersive RPG Forest It could use the plugin called Open Terrain Generator, which is what it sounds like. Unify Slots Slots shouldn't be specific to...
  5. C


    I am Coen, I go by the ingame name of Coen8899 because of a long story involving the years of when I was 8 and 9 and how I couldn't decide which was a better number so I gave them equal share in my name making the name Coen8989. Although as I grew older I started liking the number 8 more, and...
  6. UniverseLabs

    Teldaria Tiers & Tiered Gear - Information and Tutorial

    Hello! My name is Universe and I am a Helper on Teldaria. This post will show you how to obtain, identify tiered gear as well as special commands related to them. Tiers and Their Order Here is an image of the tiers, Regular is the lowest and Mythic is the highest. To be able to look at this...