1. TheGamingLizard_

    Suggestion: Races

    I have a suggestion I think you guys might like. You should add races. And each race has a different pro and con. Races like Human, Elf, Orc, etc. Please add I will really enjoy this!;)
  2. A

    Mcmmo Repair skill

    I feel like the repair skill from mcmmo should be enabled onto the server as it is quite limiting on to players that invest heavily into mining, as half of your mcmmo smelting skill comes from your repair skill with the other half coming from mining, due to this fact putting in time to do the...
  3. E

    General Suggestions

    Because I love this server, here are some suggestions to make the server a bit better. Custom Terrain Maybe a custom wasteland/desert, or a immersive RPG Forest It could use the plugin called Open Terrain Generator, which is what it sounds like. Unify Slots Slots shouldn't be specific to...
  4. Buschstahf

    Chat & City Suggestions

    CHAT I noticed very quickly this server had a slight issue with it's crowded chat. I constantly see messages in the chat ranging from buy/sell messages to "usernameX where can I place this block?". I'm not sure of the admins' intent with chat - but I find this type of clogging tends to push me...
  5. UniverseLabs

    Universe's Suggestions and Opinions

    Hello! If you don't already know me my name is Universe and I am a Helper on Teldaria. This post will be coming from me as a player and not a staff member. I'm not going to be biased or protect a side just because I am a staff member, here it goes. - I believe the server lacks on the community...
  6. Abscondent

    Server Suggestion For and Item Filter Addition..

    Iv'e been Thinking on this for a while and a great a addition to the item filter would be a way to filter out the custom items from what you want and what you dont want, Me being a player of teldaria (starting four days ago Absolutely love the server by the way guys great Job!) But i have many...
  7. x_Terra


    I don't know if this is gonna be added or is being added right now but just in case it isn't, here it is. Cities should be founded by a person that has a lot of land. When they found it, it should cost them like, I don't know, 25k? It should start out as a village, then a town then a city. To...
  8. jetpack247

    /ignore is needed .....

    Do i need to say anymore ? When that one annoying person in chat is spamming or just being annoying and you cant do anything about it makes me personally want to log out of the server a bit. If /ignore was a thing then you could stop that by just typeing /ignore ;-; ples add we need it !