1. Chrash78

    [Suggestions] - Selling Beetroots

    Hey All! I was looking through the NPC shop and noticed that the only beetroot product you can sell is beetroot soup, this made me think that beetroots should be an item that can be sold on the farming section of the shop. I also thought that for 16 beetroots it should be $3 the same as carrots...
  2. SkylanceTV

    Player Market

    I would like to Suggest a list of things for you all to add to this server aside from my other posts to make this server better: - A Market: Well all know the Market/Merchant thing you all have at /warp shop isnt working out as well as you would have hoped im sure. So i was thinking of making a...
  3. C

    Addition to the shop

    I think we should add the ability to buy claim blocks from the store for like 500 for a dollar and so on