1. TheGamingLizard_

    Suggestion: Races

    I have a suggestion I think you guys might like. You should add races. And each race has a different pro and con. Races like Human, Elf, Orc, etc. Please add I will really enjoy this!;)
  2. Borkies

    Mine-craft/Discord Plugin

    I'm not sure if you have tried this before, but there is a Minecraft plugin that allows you to see Minecraft chat and do admin commands from discord, and I thought this would be useful to you guys since you both use Discord and Minecraft. This would allow Admins/Mods to monitor chat and answer...
  3. SkylanceTV

    Player Market

    I would like to Suggest a list of things for you all to add to this server aside from my other posts to make this server better: - A Market: Well all know the Market/Merchant thing you all have at /warp shop isnt working out as well as you would have hoped im sure. So i was thinking of making a...