1. Alphachino1414

    New players beware! There is a shulker box scam happening!

    To all players, Be aware that you should treat all shulker box sales as if there is nothing in them. Below is an image of a shulker box that has 1 spawner, 1 beacon, and 2 pieces of cobble cleverly renamed as highly sought after items. As you can see, the from the image, the actual spawner is...
  2. SkylanceTV

    Blacksmith Job Add-on

    I was thinking since most servers have it when they have jobs with Blacksmith, is implementing the use of an Iron Block as a Repair Station, and the Gold Block as a Salvage Station. So that way we dont have to use our EXP on the anvil. So if you have Enchanter, and Blacksmith you keep your XP...