1. F

    /jobs farmer bug

    So I just picked up my 3rd job and chose farmer, and 95% of the time I harvest a crop it tells me "You must wait X (5,000-25,000) seconds before being paid for that!" Sometimes it awards the experience and money correctly though. I attached screenshots of 6 consecutive harvests and you can see...
  2. Chrash78

    [Suggestions] - Selling Beetroots

    Hey All! I was looking through the NPC shop and noticed that the only beetroot product you can sell is beetroot soup, this made me think that beetroots should be an item that can be sold on the farming section of the shop. I also thought that for 16 beetroots it should be $3 the same as carrots...
  3. T

    BioCity needs you!

    Hello! if your reading this there is a small chance that you may not like this... But we want Dutch or Belgian player 12+ (why 12+? : because we swear a lot and with someone under the age of 12... yeah we dont want mad parents after us) So i (Mayor ThisMight) want you in my city! BUT! Some...