1. Incinerator

    Just some of me and my works

    One of my older builds. One small Island, called Plinth Isle. Another older build, Called Aegis Farm. Fire themed Cathedral Koth I made. Only a couple rough pictures of that one. These next ones are from a map that a team I managed built. These 4 screenshots are only a bit of the...
  2. VashCrow

    My Weekend Project... Apartments!

    What's up? VashCrow here. I'd like to share and I guess advertise my newest (small) project. First off, I only play online during the weekend, using the weekdays to play offline and/or experiment with different builds for the server. This week, I built a small apartment building that I plan on...
  3. UniverseLabs

    Saint Hygarth's Cathedral - PMC Build

    Hello! If you haven't already noticed I like my building and I tend to upload builds to Planet Minecraft, although I had to make a new account. This build is called Saint Hygarth's Cathedral. A mix between medieval and modern produces this build. I will show a few images here but support on PMC...