1. SirenAngels

    Brewery Plugin: Recipe Suggestions

    Hello! I've not seen a specific place to submit player created recipes. Here is a place for you to let the staff know what you've created and would like to see IG! Here is the format I highly recommend using for readability: [Title of Brew] Ingredients: [Items used to create] Fermenting...

    Brewery Ideas

    Hey all, the brewery plugin as it stands right now is kind of a niche plugin, as it stands right now at least in my opinion, those who use it love it, and those who don't simply don't see the practicality in it. So I've thought about some possible new beverages and the possibility of food. So...
  3. Kevzen

    [Guide] Teldaria Brewery Plugin

    Teldaria Brewery Guide Welcome to the Teldaria Brewery Plugin Guide! Have you wanted to learn how to create intoxicating Drinks for you and your friends to enjoy? Or maybe you wanted to make your own tavern in your city? Well now you can experiment with the art of brewing through fermenting...
  4. Dudethom

    brewery plugin

    i heard that the brewery plugin is installed so can someone give me a list of recepies:)? regards Dudethom.