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  1. Darkfire

    [Accepted} Ban Appeal Pavin26

    You have been unbanned but keep in mind next will be a perm. make sure to re-read the rules and enjoy!
  2. Darkfire

    [Accepted] Ban Appeal

    The skin is not allowed please change it to be unbanned. Thank you.
  3. Darkfire

    [Accepted] Super_crispy ban appeal

    You Have been unbanned if caught again will result in perm ban from teldaria. Be best to re-read teldarias rules and follow them. Happy playing
  4. Darkfire

    [Denied] Ban appeal

    You Have Been Banned Twice Sorry the Appeal has been Denied.
  5. Darkfire

    [Accepted] Ban Appeal SkunkInABlender

    You will be unbaned Thank you for changing it.
  6. Darkfire

    Time Played Reset

    We are aware of it just nothing we can do atm about it, Thank you for reporting it
  7. Darkfire

    [Accepted] SUPER_FIRE_CAT's Ban Appeal

    You will be unbanned Please Read the rules to make sure you dont break anymore next will be a perm ban from the server. Thank you and happy playing
  8. Darkfire

    Ban Appeal Acari_

    I have Made it a 4 Day Ban. you may return after that Please Read the rules next ban will be perm
  9. Darkfire

    [Denied] agonighinghalos ban appeal

    Im sorry to say but at this moment the Appeal has been Denied.
  10. Darkfire

    [Accepted] FillUpMyCup's Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Please Read the rules Again if Banned again will be perm. Thank you for ur time and happy playing!
  11. Darkfire

    Brewing stands do not get unregistered

    Moving this to the Server bugs :)
  12. Darkfire

    [Closed] pls unban me

    Got to use the the right format
  13. Darkfire

    Came from Destiny MVP Rank Redeem

    Do you still have Proof of Sale?
  14. Darkfire

    Griefing Ban (3 Days) Ban Appeal

    Please use the Template and re-appeal.
  15. Darkfire

    Questions about the Wipe-

    This weekend is all we have
  16. Darkfire

    Questions about the Wipe-

    As of this now there is no est time
  17. Darkfire

    Legendary chestplate dissapeared on me after I repaired it.......

    When you get a chance msg me in game
  18. Darkfire

    [Accepted] L0VELESS' Ban Appeal

    You will be unbanned please read the rules to make sure you dont break anymore.