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    Scheduled Maintenance and Server Merge

    We will be delaying the merge until Sunday, same time, so that more people have time to fill out the above form. Please note that while we can always transfer all databased information at any time in the future, claims in the world will no longer be recoverable if you have not filled out the...
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    Scheduled Maintenance and Server Merge

    We will be putting the servers into maintenance Tomorrow at midnight (est) to implement an update and to merge survival 3 and 4 with survival 1 and 2 respectively. If you are a player on survival3 or 4, we will transfer your McMMO, Jobs, Level, stats, enderchest and donor rank to the new server...
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    Update and reset information

    We've been working on a large update for awhile and plan on releasing it in 2 stages this month. The first wave of the update will be large content additions with some gameplay changes which will be released next weekend. The second wave of updates will come at the end of the month to expand...
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    Kit Lord - Hero

    Yeah, I can set up something along those lines
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    [Suggestions] - Selling Beetroots