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  1. CFuller06

    lost my mythic helmet but idk how

    Not a mod but this is the wrong format.
  2. CFuller06

    The economy..

    Na, the magic dust prices were $30 per % before the reset, the prices just got set straight.
  3. CFuller06

    innactive claims

    Not trying to be rude, but this is in the wrong section, it should be in Reports. Also, did you destroy bagman37’s house, cause I’m pretty sure raiding a partially claimed base is against the rules.
  4. CFuller06

    Survival RPG 1 Stream

    Hope you have fun on the server, good luck!
  5. CFuller06

    Custom raiding

  6. CFuller06

    No Permission Glitch.

    I was randomly walking around in the wild when I came across Sicholas' claim. Being the curious Boi I am I tried to explore the area. I came across an entrance to a base/house or something. So, I walked towards it. Within seconds, I was teleported underground with my head in a block, which...
  7. CFuller06

    Economy Price Guideline (EPG)

    There is a perfect list aside from one thing, the rare and elusive melon axe. This is a fatal axe with eff 5 and fortune 4/5. These kind of axes are worth around 5k.
  8. CFuller06

    An idea

    I can’t wait for the prize to be like an uncommon key.
  9. CFuller06

    An idea

    Guys please stop fighting
  10. CFuller06

    An idea

    You will never win muhuhahahahah.
  11. CFuller06

    An idea

    Back from holiday, how is this post?
  12. CFuller06

    An idea

    *CFuller06 Doesn’t care cause he could still one shot Hectimere*
  13. CFuller06

    An idea

    *Impales Hectimere*
  14. CFuller06


    How about a bunch of balloons \ zeppelins connected by bridges or no bridges if you have an eleytra.
  15. CFuller06

    An idea

    I will thoroughly enjoy the prize.
  16. CFuller06

    An idea

    I will win.
  17. CFuller06

    An idea

    I hope it is
  18. CFuller06

    An idea

    What do we win from this competition?
  19. CFuller06

    Hero Instant Perks?

    Think there’s a /kit hero which gives u full legendary with a chance of heavenly. Also commands like /nick and lots of homes etc.....
  20. CFuller06

    An idea

    Lies that is not a comment.