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    Failed Network Idea: Towny

    lmao my idea happened, no credit....
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    Failed Network Idea: Towny

    So day one, Towny failed. As per the staff, the idea was to balance out the player base to spread out the players more. Easy fix - remove towny. Make another server EXACTLY like the RPG; and simply give them 2 different realm names. A lot of servers do this, and it's very successful, you...
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    New Donor Perk

    Hello! My suggestion is quite simple! Colored signs for donors? Not really sure which ranks could have this - I think it's non game changing, and overall just a "cute" little perk!
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    HERO Rank Giveaway

    It's a free rank, I'm 99% sure that everyone would agree..... The 1% would be the "evil" people!
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    Hero Instant Perks?

    Like I said, I was not here for the "warnings" - I think it would be kind of silly if I just lost $150 rank worth of instants ,and would request them If I could.
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    Hero Instant Perks?

    Hello, I didn't know if with the new map wipe and everything, if Hero's get the spawners and stuff. I haven't been on in over a few months, and didn't know how to receive these items; if we even get them back? Thanks so much for reading, Tyconic | Ryan
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    New Introductions

    Hey everyone! Haven't been on in a few months, crazy awesome to see the new changes, they are spectacular! Cannot wait to jump right back into the swing of things on the server, When did all this change happen? Hope to see you all online!