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  1. Prof_Oak

    [Resolved] Rank not received

    You bought the rank on Skyblock instead of Survival 4 is the reason why. I've changed things so you get your Lord rank on Survival 4 now.
  2. Prof_Oak

    New update concern..

    You will get everything you donated for back within the first couple days except for keys after the reset since it might take the store some time to process everything. We're trying to limit the amount of keys given back in the first week to give a chance to the players to get used to the update...
  3. Prof_Oak

    Questions about the Wipe-

    1. Yes, you will get everything back. Starting with rank and everything that comes with the rank, as well as claimblocks or items that you might have purchased on the store separately and a couple days later the keys you have bought will be returned to you. 2. Yes, your balance will be getting...
  4. Prof_Oak

    Feedback needed! Large update coming!

    We're planning on releasing a large update this month and would like some feedback on certain aspects of it. We put together a poll to get your opinion. It doesn't go into every aspect of the update, we'll make a post next week to go over the update in full. Please take the time to fill it out...
  5. Prof_Oak

    Teldaria Rules

    Game Rules Rules Relating to Hacking, Cheating, and Unfair Gameplay No Hacked Clients or Cheating for Personal Gain - This includes, but is not limited to, X-Ray Mods, maps that allow teleportation, and cave mapping. - Client modifications that are used to do the...
  6. Prof_Oak

    missing spider spawner

    I'll take care of the spawner but as for the other thing, it's only showing a single payment from you on our store so I doubt it actually did go through the other times. Regardless, I'll contact the owner to see if he can try and double check. In the meantime maybe you should check your paypal...
  7. Prof_Oak

    Missing Bonus Claim Blocks

    You should receive them on your next logging. If you haven't received them already.
  8. Prof_Oak

    Can't log on???

    Should be good now.
  9. Prof_Oak

    Can't log on???

    Which server were you last on? Orlo, Telonis, Leonis, Spawn or the new Server?
  10. Prof_Oak

    [Resolved] Lost a witch Spawner Glitch

  11. Prof_Oak

    Some Stuff Missing

    I cannot find a donation under that name. Did someone buy it for you?
  12. Prof_Oak

    Some Perks missing

    Go to spawn and stay there for awhile.
  13. Prof_Oak

    i did not get items

    What is your in-game name?
  14. Prof_Oak

    [Resolved] Bought lord rank and 5 mythic keys

    You should get the 10 keys (total since that's what you said on discord) and zombie spawner next time you get on the server. Make sure to stay in spawn for awhile and to go to spawn as soon as you log on.
  15. Prof_Oak

    [Resolved] Lost 10 rare vote keys

    Go to spawn and wait for a bit.
  16. Prof_Oak

    Can't click on ranks

    I honestly have never heard of that problem before. It doesn't ask me to verify if I'm a robot or not when I try to access the store. It simply asks me to put my ign. Perhaps you could try again today? Apparently there were issues with the website yesterday.
  17. Prof_Oak

    [Resolved] Lord rank, no items

  18. Prof_Oak

    [Resolved] Lord rank issues

    Go to spawn for awhile.