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  1. Delta

    Just Me...

    It's been maybe 2 weeks since I was last on the server and since I'm not a staff member anymore I don't feel like I have an obligation. Regardless, I'm still a very independent and quiet individual but I'm willing to tell you a little bit about me. I guess the best way to describe me is as the...
  2. Delta

    Resource World

    Thank you for suggesting! Keep in mind this was suggested here as well.
  3. Delta

    Suggestion: (Races, Classes, and Elements)

    I love this server and I would love it even more if this was added. Races Switching Races are 10k each time you switch races The races would be split up into Human, Elf, Orc, and Dwarf Each one of those races has a PRO and CON but the Human is an all rounder and balanced Elves are good with...
  4. Delta

    Suggestion: Races

    Thank you for suggesting! Keep in mind this was suggested here as well.
  5. Delta

    Different chat channels

    At least you looked at it :)
  6. Delta

    It's snowing in SPRING!?! Climate change...

    It's snowing in SPRING!?! Climate change...
  7. Delta

    Town/City-based events

    Didn't really think of the altitude all too much either, I believe they can could it to do something like that as they do with explosions; for the issue of large scale events next to each other, they could just downsize them.
  8. Delta

    Town/City-based events

    First of all, thank you for the suggestion it's a very ambitious and interesting idea to say the least.:D :confused: Issues that I can think of include... that IF both the PvP and PvE aspects are added it will greatly discourage the creation of cities and the only individuals who would make...
  9. Delta

    Transformation Potions

    A very interesting idea but it would still have to have the same reaction when going into combat.
  10. Delta

    War Ideas

    If you did not know before, Nightbane (The Lead Developer if you didn't know) dismissed the ideas of "City Wars" as a concept as the general concept of "PvP" isn't heavily valued in our community. This is the exact quote from Nightbane.
  11. Delta

    Recommendations From a Veteran Server Player

    I don't agree or disagree with it basically.
  12. Delta

    Recommendations From a Veteran Server Player

    Thanks for the suggestion! However, just a couple of things: No comment Already mentioned in my personal post here. Already mentioned in my personal post here. /dump - This is only useful when you're transferring bases soo fairly useless. /repair - No comment City Positions - Why were they...
  13. Delta

    Better Vote Key Rewards

    Also suggested here.
  14. Delta

    [CLOSED]Unban Me Ban Appeal

    Please follow the Ban Appeal Template.
  15. Delta

    Suggestions Compilation

    Attached are 4 documents that detail various suggestions. The most important of the 4 is the Suggestions Summary that spans since, I believe, sometime late last year till now; this document is important for both players and staff as it lists out suggestions that have already been suggested...
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  17. Delta

    Just placid...

    Just placid...
  18. Delta

    Server Lag Issues

    You do know that this is a Suggestions forum this is more suitable for General Discussion...
  19. Delta

    may be the answer to auto farming

    AFK Machines aren't allowed not just because they're laggy. It's because they are abusable and provide an unfair advantage to the player.
  20. Delta

    Ability to Sell to Bartender

    A bartender sells drinks not buy them...