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  1. Alphachino1414

    Hero Rank

    Dark took care of me shortly after posting. :)
  2. Alphachino1414

    Hero Rank

    Had some spare moments to be able to log back into the server. Was hoping to get Hero rank back for Survival 1. Also, while i got the rewards, I appear to be a little short on the 175k starting money and 500 mcmmo credits. If this changed to 165k and 450, then no worries.
  3. Alphachino1414

    [Denied] RE RE RE Appeal

    The evidence is conclusive it was xray. This appeal has been rejected. If another appeal is submitted it will warrant removal from the forums.
  4. Alphachino1414

    [Accepted] Could you please lift my ban from discord.

    I have unbanned you from the discord. If drama further ensues, there will be no appeal chance in the future. On the main webpage, there is a link to send you to the discord in the upper right.
  5. Alphachino1414

    Hero Instant Perks?

    To my knowledge no donors had their "instants" replaced for the transition, whether they were aware of the map reset or not. The only individuals who can make that decision would be managers. You are welcome to pm Disturbed or Prof_Oak regarding the donor rank and situation.
  6. Alphachino1414

    [Denied] Ban Appeal

    Since the username has not changed, this appeal has been denied. Please post another appeal once you have changed your minecraft username for further evaluation.
  7. Alphachino1414

    [Accepted][WinnieLove] - Ban Appeal

    This appeal has been accepted.
  8. Alphachino1414

    [Denied] My Ban Appeal

    This has been denied. You were given a second chance after banned for alting and would know that Xray was against the rules as you claimed to have read them on the first appeal.
  9. Alphachino1414

    [Accepted] Ban Appeal

    This appeal has been accepted. I would suggest carefully reading through the forum rules to ensure you are following the rules while playing ingame.
  10. Alphachino1414

    Magic Dust working in reverse

    Yes, if you keep dusting it until is says you cannot dust it further, you know its at 100% success even if visually it says otherwise. Not sure why some enchants are like that, but I have had a few of my own.
  11. Alphachino1414

    What happened to the Orlo world download?

    This is all that has been posted so far.
  12. Alphachino1414

    What happened to the Orlo world download?

    Try this, Atlas just sent an update in Discord. Atlas @everyone World Downloads - These will remain up for 2 weeks.
  13. Alphachino1414

    [Regarded] Ban Appeal

    Tp'ing someone to their disadvantage is against the rules. It is every players responsibility to know and follow them even if you have not read them. In this case you will need to wait out the 3 days for the ban to expire.
  14. Alphachino1414

    Ban Appeal

    We will be looking through the evidence and evaluating this appeal.
  15. Alphachino1414

    What happened to the Orlo world download?

    Atlas just communicated this update in the discord today:
  16. Alphachino1414

    What happened to the Orlo world download?

    I have posted a similar response in discord. Atlas does not have a stable internet connection to upload them at the moment, and he is reminded frequently by staff that this is something important to the players.
  17. Alphachino1414

    [Accepted] I got banned?

    I am accepting this appeal. You should be able to log on shortly.
  18. Alphachino1414

    [Accepted] I got banned?

    You were observed on more than one occasion mining ore that was hidden behind a wall. The timing of the ban is irrelevant as it was being confirmed and reviewed.
  19. Alphachino1414

    Lack of MOBS

    Mob spawns on the surface have always been lower than at other places. The most optimal place for a dark room is to have it at bedrock, and for it to be big. Im not talking about like 25x25, Im talking 50x50 and larger (mine was 100x100). For a real challenge, the mob spawns in the nether are...
  20. Alphachino1414

    Texture Packs

    Then you can also do /usepack low