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  1. TheJaimex

    Ban Appeal (Name finally changed)

    Follow this template please <3
  2. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] Ban Appeal

    You will be unbanned. Please try to not use an inappropriate skin again and make sure to follow our rules <3. Enjoy the server!
  3. TheJaimex

    [Regarded] Player harassing Moderators/ other players

    The player will be warned about that behavior. Thanks for the report <3
  4. TheJaimex

    [Denied] Ban Appeal kubasooo

    Appeal Denied. You were using a hack + the "auto" farm.
  5. TheJaimex

    innactive claims

    We only remove claims after 60 days + of inactivity. Also if they break rule #7 but they probably claimed before you. I am sorry but we cant do much >.<
  6. TheJaimex

    [Denied] Ban Appeal For Blindgaenger

    As I can see in the proof, you were spamming like crazy "Go to this link with the link", which I take as advertising. Also, the video isnt appropriate in my opinion. Appeal denied (I removed your other post because it was the same)
  7. TheJaimex

    [Closed] Ban Appral Perm

    You need to follow this template. This post will be closed.
  8. TheJaimex

    What are the requirements for applying for staff?

    You need to be 13+, you must have been in the server for at least 1 Week and make sure to not break our rules / be banned / muted. I recommend you to be constantly helping in chat before applying (You will get higher chances) and keep doing it
  9. TheJaimex

    [Denied] Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied. You were banned in the past. We told you many times to read-follow our rules and you didnt. We can not give you anymore chances
  10. TheJaimex

    [Resolved] Help! I am stuck

    I moved the fence gates. Now you should be able to leave it.
  11. TheJaimex

    [Resolved] Help! I am stuck

    I am on there. Have you been helped?
  12. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] Ban

    Its fine, you will be unbanned but, read /rules and dont break them again because you could get punished. Thanks and enjoy the server <3
  13. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] I Dont Use Hacks

    You can post the evidences to support your appeal if they are screenshots in an imgur post or gyazo so I can have a look. Also, if you keep being disrespectful and multiposting, I will deny your appeal
  14. TheJaimex

    [Denied] idk what happened

    . Appeal denied. In the video, you can see your kill-aura hacks.
  15. TheJaimex

    [Denied] My posts keep getting deleted

    Your ban isnt even 1 year old. Also, your posts are waiting the manager's response. I have asked them and your ban appeal is denied. You will not be able to come back.
  16. TheJaimex

    World wipe2

    Oh, if you got griefed, I would like to have a look later. I will ask about your stuff
  17. TheJaimex

    Coming back

    Good to hear :D , take care and dont die
  18. TheJaimex

    Need help!

    The server is in maintenance. It will be opened probably soon, dont worry
  19. TheJaimex

    Didn't receive Claim blocks

    Did you get your rank and the items back? Or nothing yet?
  20. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] Sarius08 unban

    Appeal Accepted. Please, make sure that you read our rules and dont post / advertise stuff. If you want to talk with someone, you can use our discord server ( or decide a place to talk but dont post that kind of stuff inside the server or you would be punished...