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  1. HardBoiledEgg

    The NEW Spawner City TARA

    Hey guys! So big update on Twelve Oak's :) -We changed up our Gold farm grinder -Designed a new Chestroom system for the pigmen grinder -Darkroom has a safezone with a 2nd floor :3 -Catcus farm is being worked on :) 48x59 design We plan on making more projects and making the community 2x...
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    Im just a BoiledEgg :p

    Im just a BoiledEgg :p
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    Buying mending book

    4.5k for a mending book ;) Can't miss it
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    Connection issues...

    oof ;-; Now we play the waiting game...
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    [CANT REPLICATE] Tax system? or bug?

    Thats odd because the remaining isn't there...the whole stack is gone...not in my shop nor its in the "unclaimed items" in the gui. idc about the arrows as much but i do care that if people are missing stuff from the market. thats not going to go swell.
  6. HardBoiledEgg

    [CANT REPLICATE] Tax system? or bug?

    I get on and im selling two stacks of arrows for $ was sold and i only got $468 o-o now is this a bug thing or are you guys adding a tax system?
  7. HardBoiledEgg

    Portal Glitch

    i go in my portal and all of a sudden my stuff is gone? and so i go back in and my stuff gets returned? After doing that it keeps bringing me in the portal and i can't move....then i get kicked to spawn for "flying" o-o Welp
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    Updated Rank

    So My rank is Lord and i've purchased it in june 30,2017. I saw that the rank was updated and i never received any of the following -1 Zombie spawner -10,000in-game currency -1random level 5 socket gem which is displayed here since i have lord rank why haven't i received any of the those...
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    dungeon delving...

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    good :D I'm just making a good business
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    Secret world legends ( *-*) Amazing game :O

    Secret world legends ( *-*) Amazing game :O
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    dungeon delving...

    They might actually do that o-o shh
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    About mod spawners

    Iron Golem then ( *-*)
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    About mod spawners

    make a goldfarm ( *-*)/ (if u want)... kinda worth it xD
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    Question about claim blocks

    yeah sadly we can't claim all of our stuff cuz its the limit is 8k.I would suggest becoming a "digger" as one of those jobs.(make sure the shovel has enchantments) and you can make some bank with it.Unless you want to be a miner. ok money but i perfer jobs. :D anywho if u need help pm meh...i...
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    ALRIGHT~ so here we have the "examples" of the things i will be selling.Not all of them are posted on here due to the fact im selling quick and production is being made as of now...
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    Tools only. shovels,axes and pickaxes :D no armor :/
  19. HardBoiledEgg

    "authentication servers are currently down" *sigh* ( *-*)/

    "authentication servers are currently down" *sigh* ( *-*)/
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    {Update} Apparently once u pass 8k of claimblocks you have to start buying your own claimblocks?? from my 4k claimblocks,half of it was regenerated from the server and half of that claim was unclaimed around my village.. .-. Whats going on Teldaria :/