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  1. Sagestar

    [Regarded] Reporting for derogatory remarks in chat

    Thx for the report, the matter has been dealt with.
  2. Sagestar

    [Denied] idk what happened

    Be patient, if you bump your post, you just decrease your chances, though I'll forward this to higher Staff
  3. Sagestar


    DUDE! :D your a forum legend, welcome back! :D
  4. Sagestar


    Wb <.<
  5. Sagestar

    pls unban me

    You know that you can just edit your original thread, right?
  6. Sagestar

    /jobs farmer bug

    Reported bug to devs, thx for the report!
  7. Sagestar

    Hello everyone!

    xD good joke in the end. Welcome to the server! :D I hope seeing you online, feel free to ask me or any other Staff anything anytime ;). Here, on Discord or ingame.
  8. Sagestar

    Missing villagers (Legit all dissapeared)

    Thanks for report, will redirect this towards higher Staff.
  9. Sagestar


    You know most of us Staff aren't really better either xD anyway welcome to the server, make sure to ask us if you are in doubt about anything, my door personally is always open, feel free to hit me up ingame, Discord or on here for a talk or help ;).
  10. Sagestar

    Just Me...

    Welcome back, hope to see you online ;) Also I wanna thank you for all that you've done for this server, your really a good person, do enjoy what you've worked on ;)
  11. Sagestar

    Survival Server Limits?

    *devs, though we are working on a solution.
  12. Sagestar

    My pickaxe is not working

    Reported to higher-ups, thx for the report!
  13. Sagestar

    New to the Server

    Hello! :) The server is currently under maintenance right now, but will get open soon again, sry for the inconvenience! Anyway, it's always nice to see new players hope to see you around and good luck on the server ;) (Feel free to ask me or any other Staff, any questions if you have any,)
  14. Sagestar

    Survival Server Limits?

    With 200 people+, we need to get the problem solved and yes we are working on a new system ;).
  15. Sagestar

    I have come from nowhere and i seek nothing.

    We always accept new members to the community, welcome and feel free to ask me or any other Staff for help either ingame, on Discord or on the forums in a conversation. :) Enjoy your stay and I hope to see you around on the server :D.
  16. Sagestar

    Economy Price Guideline (EPG)

    A good price list indeed ;) thank you very much for making this, Sloth.
  17. Sagestar

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the server, feel free to hit me up on her or on Discord if you need help. You can also ask Staff online for help if you need it or are bored and we'll be glad to help out ;)
  18. Sagestar

    An idea

    Okay you can both have a reward, why did you continue this on for so long guys, :confused: like wtf you almost posted more replies than days of a year, anyway congrats both, I'll be getting in contact with you later today to talk with you about the reward. :)
  19. Sagestar

    An idea

    o_O xD literally ages ago since I checked this thread and you guys still replying
  20. Sagestar

    What happened to the Orlo world download?

    There isn't any chance.