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  1. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] Ban appeal

    Appeal accepted. Make sure that you dont use any hack again or you will be perm-banned from the network. Enjoy the server and be good! :)
  2. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] this one wasnt meant to be made.

    Appeal accepted. Please make sure that you dont use hacks / hacked clients because you wont have more chances. Enjoy the server! :) and be good
  3. TheJaimex

    New update concern..

    I think that it is because it will let donators set-up their base so they can keep the items in a safe place
  4. TheJaimex

    [Denied] Ban Appeal

    #2 Your appeal has been denied. The use of heavy items over the mouse is not allowed and in the video (the proof we got) we can see that you were using kill aura because heavy items over the mouse wont let you hit players more than 1 time.
  5. TheJaimex

    old glitch

    Oh, I dont know if we can retrieve you the items lost. I will ask an admin / manager
  6. TheJaimex

    [Closed] DONT IGNORE ME ;-;

    I have removed your other post. Please dont do multi post or you will be banned from the forum. Your appeal has been denied and we cant do anything for you
  7. TheJaimex

    [Denied] Ban appeal

    This appeal has been denied. I already denied your last ban appeal because you got several warnings about tpkilling. Try to avoid re-opening the thread
  8. TheJaimex

    [Closed] Ban appeal

    You need to follow this template if you want to appeal: . I will close this post
  9. TheJaimex

    [Closed] Misunderstanding Re-appeal

    Well, your appeal has been already denied so we cant do anything for you. We cant show you the video but I have seen it and In my opinion you were x-raying
  10. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] I just said a joke

    Appeal accepted. Make sure that you dont joke about having hacks because it can end up with a permanent ban. Read the server rules and make sure to not use hacks or you will be punished
  11. TheJaimex

    [Denied] False banning appeal/Maybe got confused?

    This appeal has been denied. You were banned for x-raying a while ago and this is your 2nd offense. As I can see, you mined straight down to a mob spawner which is clearly x-ray
  12. TheJaimex

    [Denied] LordFyvie - Discord

    This appeal has been denied. First of all, you were warned about the constant dramas in general channel and about inapropriate chat (also, you were disrespecting everybody with your comments). If you have any problem with someone, you must to go to a staff member instead of making a drama...
  13. TheJaimex

    Skyblock Bug [Upgrade of size won't work]

    Oh hi. Did you relog? When you buy an Islandb upgrade you need to relog and it will be applied
  14. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Make sure for next time that your skin is not inapropriate and it follows the rules :) , have a good day!
  15. TheJaimex

    Ban appeal

    This appeal has been accepted but as a heads up, if you are caught breaking rules or cheating you will be perm banned from the server. Enjoy and have a good time :)
  16. TheJaimex

    An idea

    " I like potatoes but potatoes dont like me " " I like you but you dont like me " " TheJaimex ~ 2018 "
  17. TheJaimex

    Texture Packs

    Oh, if you dont like the server resource-pack, you can temporal disable it with /usepack low and for disable it permanently, disconnect -> go to multiplayer -> select teldaria -> server edit -> disable the texturepacks. Also, today minecraft vanilla texture pack might have changes due to april...
  18. TheJaimex

    Cant Mine Obsidian

    You were online in survival / skyblock / prison?
  19. TheJaimex

    Cant Mine Obsidian

    In what modality were you online? Also make sure that you are not mining bedrock, both textures are pretty similar with the teldaria resource pack
  20. TheJaimex

    [Accepted] banned for texting my friend???

    Your appeal is accepted but please, take care about talking of other modalities in dm with people (there can be typing errors which can be confused as an ip), I would say to do it via discord and not inside the server. The thing that you said could be like an ip but I have been looking it and it...