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  1. Skywoody

    Skyblock Bug [Upgrade of size won't work]

    Thanks for your post, I believe the development team is aware of the issue, therefore it should be fixed soon :)
  2. Skywoody

    Hello! ^-^

    Welcome, amfred. Enjoy your time on Teldaria :D
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    Ford Lover nA

    Ford Lover nA
  4. Skywoody

    Lost a Mythic bow.

    You probably dropped it on the ground right before teleporting, check the spot you teleported from.
  5. Skywoody

    In need of clarification about (afk) farms

    So any farm that is fully automatic by a redstone contraption(without the use of a button, lever, pressure plate, or any other activation device) is not allowed. Afk Machines such as afk pools that keep your player moving, or a minecart system that prevents you from being kicked for going afk...
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    Welcome to the server Taylor! Hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to PM any staff member for any help you need
  8. Skywoody

    Being more of a savage than Incinerator

    Being more of a savage than Incinerator
  9. Skywoody

    [Regarded] Reporting Devil_scythe and Gods_scythe

    Unfortunately, The server is PVP based as well as PvE Based. The only way they would get in trouble is if they teleported to one of you, and killed said person. Player vs Player is completely allowed in the end, as it's not a safe area. I understand it's an inconvenience, but there's nothing you...
  10. Skywoody

    lottery plugin

    Or buy 5 by doing /buy lottery 5 :)
  11. Skywoody

    [Regarded] Blackmail/herassment

    Offering you advice :) Goodluck with your report!
  12. Skywoody

    [Regarded] Blackmail/herassment

    Sorry, but if you were dumb enough to go said 'small space' then I don't know what to tell you. Do you have proof of the real life threats of violence? You mean the buddy you had threatening to 'choke slam', 'ddos' and 'dox' him? That's a real life threat. Because I don't see them in the report...
  13. Skywoody

    [Regarded] Blackmail/herassment

    Well first of all. You're playing a game that's main focus is PVP(Player vs player[Just in case you didn't know]) and survival. Unfortunately your inability to 'survive' has caused you to lose an item. Losing this item has made you quite upset, I understand, yes, you lost the item. I've lost...
  14. Skywoody

    My 2018 resolution is to stop having new years resolutions

    My 2018 resolution is to stop having new years resolutions
  15. Skywoody

    New member to member?

    It's by messages, I believe it's 50
  16. Skywoody

    New changes to claim blocks

    It truly doesn't take as long as you'd think, I mean, I AFK alot. But I was able to hit the max claimblock cap in a couple of weeks :)
  17. Skywoody

    New changes to claim blocks

    I believe the current numbers are fine.4 and a half hours of gameplay provides you with 270 claimblocks, which is a bit more than 11x11. You also start with 100. Playing 8000 minutes unlocks all potential claim blocks, and will give you a pretty hefty size claim. I started with a 10x10 and...
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    Hello Friends

    7/10 Needs more Big Shaq quotes. Also, Kirka has some explaining.
  19. Skywoody

    [Resolved] Weird.

    Ingame name - Skywoody When - around 6:15 PM EST Where - Warp shop Command - None Item - Trans plate Mob - Description So.. Got 4 bottles from a mythic crate, opened the bottles, got 3 spades, and 1 plate. I was sitting at spawn messaging someone, and realized it was gone. I am pretty...