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  1. Sagestar

    Hello! ^-^

    Welcome to Teldaria, glad to see new people on forums :) frel free to ask me over Discord or on here if you have any qurstions or need help
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    An idea

    Your Pokemon is intense
  3. Sagestar

    An idea

    I'll start out with the first comment.
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    An idea

    So here I am, trying to liven up the forums a little bit... So how about a little game? The rules are simple and easy. Rules: Do not Spam numerous comments in a row. Only post 1 comment at a time! Keep everything appropriate. Last person to comment is the winner! So without further ado, let's...
  5. Sagestar

    Active early and late in the evenings, +GMT+01, feel free to contact me for help.

    Active early and late in the evenings, +GMT+01, feel free to contact me for help.
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  7. Sagestar

    Rainbows are awesome :)

    Rainbows are awesome :)
  8. Sagestar

    Too Close of a claim

    Pls, avoid necroposting old threads.
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    Hello :)
  10. Sagestar

    Now all my villagers are gone! Please help!

    Redirected issue towards higher-ups, pls be patient and remain calm, while we take a look at the issue at hand.
  11. Sagestar

    I guess I'm the luckiest person in the world? Or not...

    xD sounds like some journey you've been on
  12. Sagestar

    [Regarded] Player Report Crs_Geova

    If you could post your logs from when the incident happened, it would help you out.
  13. Sagestar

    Is the server down today?

    EDIT, Server is back up. ;) enjoy, sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  14. Sagestar

    Getting Started on the Server!

    Good initiative, though I think that this has been addressed already in older tutorials. (Notably Bamboos)
  15. Sagestar

    Is the server down today?

    Server is down rn, pls be patient and it'll be back up.
  16. Sagestar

    Rare Sightings

    Nice picture :D
  17. Sagestar

    Fishing Competition

  18. Sagestar

    Thanks Yall

    xD *removes likes*
  19. Sagestar

    Vote keys

    You won't get them back, you can get them every single day, so just wait until tomorrow and vote again while being on the server and you can have them back.