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    All rules that are listed on this thread apply to all ranks on the Teldaria. These rules apply to the Minecraft server, Forums and Discord.

    Game Rules
    1. No Hacking, Cheating, Macros or Using Unapproved Mods

    Usage of any sort of outside program to give the player an unfair advantage over another player is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, X-Ray Mods, maps that allow teleportation and cave mapping.

    Client modifications that are used to:
    - Improve client performance,
    - Aesthetic modificatification,
    - Minimap modifications, provided they do not show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems
    - Armor and status effect hud modifications
    Are perfectly fine to use.

    2. No TP Killing or TP Trapping
    Teleporting to people or teleporting people to you having for only goal to kill them and get their gear is forbidden. This includes any kind of traps that would lead the player to die without having to actually attack him yourself.

    3. No Griefing
    Griefing around other player's claims is forbidden. This includes making walls of cobblestone using lava and water. However, if you find builds in the wild that aren't claimed, you are allowed to grief them. This rule doesn't involve Raiding which remains allowed.

    4. No Exploitation of Bugs
    Intentionally making use of a bug that grants an unfair advantage over other players is forbidden. This includes exploiting duplication glitches, or abusing any feature of the game that was not intended to be accessible to normal players.

    5. No Ban Evading
    Making new accounts, changing your IP, or going to any means to avoid punishment is forbidden.

    6. No Lag Machines
    Up to 200 Hoppers per Player, No automatic redstone machines, No extremely large farms.
    Entities/blocks in and around a claim may be removed by an Admin if they impact the server performance negatively.

    7. No Claiming Within 64 Blocks of Another Claim
    Players are entitled to their space. Claiming within 64 blocks of another person's claim is considered griefing. This rule does not apply when both players agree to claiming nearby.

    8. No Offensive Names or Skins
    Any names, skins, or nicks that are offensive or otherwise inappropriate will be censored.

    9. No Alting
    Use of alternate accounts to get abuse the starter kit is forbidden.

    Chat Rules

    1. No Bypassing the Filter

    Intentionally using any method to avoid the chat filter is forbidden.
    2. No Political, Racial, or Religious Talk
    We will not allow the following:
    - Racism
    - Sexism
    - Remarks about disabilities, religion or politics
    - Other controversial subjects.

    3. No Harassing Players or Staff Members
    Harassing players and staff through any means is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, talking down on another person for any reason, bullying another person, mocking or otherwise demeaning another person, and purposely stalking another person
    4. Respect Staff
    Do not argue with any member of staff or "riot" against a staff ruling. Any complaints as to how a staff member is performing should be taken directly to an Admin, Head Admin, or the Manager.
    5. No Spamming, Double Posting, or Talking in all Caps
    Spamming includes, but is not limited to, sending multiple tp requests to the same person, using the same character excessively in a single message (ie "Looooooooooooooooooooool"), or repeatedly sending the same message over and over in chat or in whisper. Double posting is sending the same message or command more than once in a row. Talking in all caps is sending a message with every character capitalized (ie "LOL GET REKT")
    6. No Advertising or Self Promotion
    Mentioning or directly linking another server or your own video/twitch/etc is forbidden.
    7. No Staff Impersonation
    No use of names or nicks that would in any way make players think that you are a staff-member on Teldaria if you're not.
    8. English only in main chat
    Speaking other languages is fine as long it is done in PM's.
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