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Possibly unintended out of map in /warp market

Discussion in 'Server Bugs' started by RainbowPisanos, Feb 12, 2018 at 9:09 PM.


Is this unintended?

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  1. RainbowPisanos

    RainbowPisanos New Member

    Jan 28, 2018
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    Just to be clear, i am NOT supporting this (possibly) unintended glitch/bug/exploit, i was just messing around with exploring and i came across this. if it is unintended you can fix it, but either way it is very cool and i enjoy it. this is proof that the builders put detail to even their unintended features. thank you builders <3
    Ingame name

    - RainbowPisanos

    - 2/12/2018 around 6:45 PM PST

    - From /warp market, you will want to head to the coords X=52, Y=96, Z=-1405, (accessible for normal players via mountain/waterfall climbing, elytra, or jump rune.). you will head upwards north until you reach a sudden drop. jump off, you will not take fall damage (definitely intended) and put in a super flat view where you will be stuck until you either /home your way out, or tp away, enjoy the view of the map from the underside, where if you look closely you can see every gamertag/box name from the underneath. from here you can contemplate your life choices, walk around, run around, crouch around, and jump around. definitely a good way to spend the holidays.

    - /warp market

    - non-existent barrier blocks i guess.

    - players. players are mobs as mob means mobile.

    - basically what i said in the Where section but more contemplating of life choices.

    - nope.

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