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Just a few suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Xephy, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Xephy

    Xephy New Member

    Sep 7, 2017
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    My first suggestion:
    Being warned in chat about the durability of your armor. First time I lost an armor piece it wasn't that much of a loss but just got me unexpectedly. The reason it got me unexpectedly was because I was thinking it would warn me in the chat (Since it does for whatever tiered weapon/tool you're holding and using.) of when any piece of my armor was was at a certain percentage of durability. Eventually all I heard was the sound of a piece of my equipment breaking and me being a little annoyed with it. I mean now I look every now and then at the durability of all my equipment but I think it would be a nice little implementation.

    My second suggestion: Bounties? Occasionally I see some people in the chat complaining about being killed or camped by someone and I think bounties could somewhat help the situation.. maybe... It'd be nice if this could be implemented in a way to where a friend or possibly city mate of whoever has a bounty on their head couldn't just take the bounty and pretty much share it with the person who had a bounty.

    My third suggestion:
    Kind of a wild one but possibly being able to keep equipment on your person after death? What I mean is pretty much all the equipment that you'd see in /tinspect and lose pretty much everything else. It's just I don't really like the idea of losing all that you've worked for in a matter of moments. I understand that it kind of adds that much more of a thrill to the situations involving the possible death of a player and being able to obtain loot from said player, but I think it would also deter ones motivation to continue playing if a player ended up losing all his best gear that he grinded for. I'd much rather prefer having the durability of the items penalized and possibly broken depending on it's current durability at the time.

    I may add on to this list if I think of any other suggestions.

    Please share your thoughts if you have any. :)
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  2. Delta

    Delta Member

    Aug 13, 2017
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    First Suggestion: This is possible. An alternative, if made possible, is installing mods that allow you to see your armor durability percentage on-screen (I'm not entirely sure if this is allowed).

    Second Suggestion: Can't speak for staff and I have nothing to comment about this.

    Third Suggestion: You'll have to elaborate on this as this is a very basic PvP aspect (and may also be due to imbalance in how custom armor works).
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