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[Denied] Wolfi's Discord Ban appeal

Discussion in 'Appeal/Report Archive' started by xXRedWolfXx, Feb 12, 2018 at 7:51 AM.

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  1. xXRedWolfXx

    xXRedWolfXx New Member

    Jan 11, 2018
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    1- Site your discord name including the #: 404 not found#4866
    2- Ban Date: 12/02/2018
    3- Reason for the ban: Inappropriate messaging
    4- Appeal to Plead your Case / Explanation: Hey. So today I got banned from the discord by Kirka.
    According to Fatal I was banned due to "sending multiple people inappropriate pictures"

    There was one occasion where I sent MusicalHeroic a topless picture of the character Mei from OverWatch. This was on topic with the discussion we were having on discord at the time. At the time it did not seem like I was in the wrong however it was later brought to my attention that I was in the wrong and told to correct it or face a ban.

    I corrected my mistake and tried to make amends.

    I would also like to Requote the message that MusicalHeroic sent me after I apologized

    [I left it alone and I have just co existed peacefully. So yes, it was left at that. We are not friends, but we are not enemies. I wish to keep it peaceful, thank you.]

    I apologized and made amends and MusicalHeroic accepted the apology thus I was not banned.

    I have been told there was "Proof" of multiple people receiving inappropriate images from me. If possible I would like to See this proof as I have not sent anyone anything else since as the only people I speak to are
    VenomGhost, RedRum, And Shoobalou, All of which I am friends with.

    I have also been informed that someone [ #0001] was informed of my ban before I was banned which is not something that should be talked about to regular players outside of staff chat.
    image (1).png image.png 509a787d1c6abb632ae0bb13340062dd.png 2018-02-09_01.34.26.png
  2. Alphachino1414

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    Sep 15, 2017
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    Sending inappropriate content through discord is against their policy and has the potential to expose minors to explicit content. Proof has been captured and documented by several people of such explicit images and cannot be distributed due to their nature.

    As for the image you sent to Musical, this was not the reason for the ban, however it was both topless and bottomless which is more offensive than you lead others to believe.

    As for the nature of the post in General, that was unwarranted but beyond the scope of my involvement.
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