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Dec 18, 2017
Feb 10, 2016
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Dec 18, 2017
    1. lilrevb
      hey akamek I accidently did /ci trying to do /c to go to cities and well I cleared my inventory I had a trans shovel a fatal bow and a pick with eff 4 unb 3 silk touch and mending I was wondering if I could get it back
      1. DarkDraven666
        Not gonna happen XD
        Dec 1, 2017
    2. strawberry
      I am trying to appeal my ban but it won't let me post the thread. Please instruct me what to do now! ):
    3. hawkforceone1
    4. Bleakfoil
    5. Pepsi_103
      HELLO why are you using wynn texture pack and other texture packs and not givin credit
    6. drake
      hey i ban for 3 days cays i spawn killed but we made every thing up i gave here a stack of blaze rods for here stuff so if you can plz let me back on ask here you self it starts with block or blox so yea plz i really love your server its fun and i didnt know it was not banable to spawn kill
    7. Aaron_Jewmaker
      I really don't want to have to give up on this server but if I can't play because of losing everything or even being kicked for "flying" when in reality I was lagging and not flying. then idk what to do. Please just fix this soon because I don't want to give up everything I have been working so hard for. I have been on here since a month after it was created. Please fix these issues soon. Thank you
    8. Aaron_Jewmaker
      Hey I logged into the server and the first screen I saw was saying I was dead. Yet every time I leave the server I go to my protected home. I lost my hellish armor and axe. Plus you may ask for screenshots but how was I supposed to know I needed them when I wasn't expecting this to happen? The lag has increased and the mob drops has gone down.
    9. benotronic
      when i try to join the server it will say im not white listed i dont recall being banned
    10. Subby
      Read your pms.
    11. GilbertPlays
      Akamek, When i was building a house i saw a steve skin person walk up to me and used his wooden hoe he made him self and insta killed me and took all my items and teleported away without an enderpearl.. After that i was really annoyed because i had all my good stuff.. (I didnt see the username)
    12. RavenHarth
      it says i am not whitelisted all of a sudden
    13. Arfurman
      when me and my sister try and connect it says not whitelisted on the server? how have i been blacklisted? please let reconnect and play thankyou
    14. xXKingAndreXx
      whenever I try to connect it tells me I'm not whitelisted on the server and I don't know why?
      1. Arfurman likes this.
      2. Arfurman
        same here
        Jul 21, 2017
    15. mckids6
      I need help i am trying to connect and it says "Kicked whilst connecting to spawn You are no whitelisted on this server"
      1. Arfurman likes this.
      2. Arfurman
        same here
        Jul 21, 2017
    16. mickethebunter
      i m online 17:00-19:00 every day
      1. Maroulias
        Atlas I am Maroulias sorry but can you to unbanned to me pls i am so soory i dont do it again
        Apr 3, 2016
    17. mickethebunter
      can you help i been trapt in a nether portal on redstownmasters plot ore supercoolgrils plot
      my namne is mickethebunte
    18. LordPasta
      Hi Atlas! I'm missing the little secret snapshots I take of you! Come back! I need you! XD

      Nice job with improving the server! I love it!
      1. AruTheOtaku and The_Sunbird like this.
    19. xXLizzieXx
      hai Atlas, when will you be back on pixelmon red we miss u!
    20. Diammonnd
      Hey Altas__ nice too see you. and nice skin :)
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